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The 3 Worst Cold Calling Tips Ever

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Cold calling presents a ton of challenges to sales professionals at every level and in every industry. Therefore, there are a plethora of tips, tricks and magical scripts to help sales people overcome objections, get though GK screens and close sales or set appointments. However, out of this excess of advice, there are three so-called gems that are extremely misleading…

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Tips On Cold Calling – The Cold Calling Tips Cheat Sheet

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Want some tips on cold calling? Here’s the cold calling cheat sheet! I must receive about 20+ emails each month that ask me for specific help and guidance on cold calling so here are some top tips: Sound Like A Human Being Try not to sound like a robotic cold caller. That’s what 95% of the cold callers sound like….

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3 Mistakes The Best Sales People Make On The Telephone

Ok, you are a pro. You have been cold calling for years, and despite the trend toward e-prospecting, and e-everything else, you have still perfected the art of being able to pick up the telephone and CREATE business, almost at will. There are a few of us that have no fear of the cold-call and know how to get through…

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A Powerful Tip For Following Up On Literature

The cold call went so well, you wished it were recorded so you all of your peers could hear. The prospect sounded glad you called, and seems anxious to receive your information package. However, when you call back, it sounds like you are talking to a totally different person. Suddenly, the prospect became defensive and short. The rapport you established…

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How To Knock On The Telephone

Every sales person knows that today’s modern buyer has had enough of the old smile-and-dial cold calling methods of the past. However, as mentioned in, “4 Reasons Why Prospects Fear Cold Calls,” most buyers still seem to harbour fear and animosity toward receiving a telephone solicitation call. Many feel a cold call… #1. Is an invasion of their privacy #2. Is a violation…

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Are Monday Mornings A Good Time To Prospect?

As I’m writing this post, I’m also on the telephone (#22 in the queue) trying to get through to my doctors to set an appointment for my 3 year old daughter Holly. What with swine flu, changes in temperatures etc I bet the phone is ringing off the hook. But it got me thinking about how everyone is mad busy…

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