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The Meaning of Consultative Selling, 4 Revolutionising Communication Steps, A Quote From Richard Branson

Episode 2: Loads Bubbling Podcast The Meaning of Consultative Selling, 4 Revolutionising Communication Steps, A Quote From Richard Branson This podcast includes: What Exactly Is Consultative Selling? Communication Skills : 4 Revolutionising Steps A Key Quote From Richard Branson Take a look at this episode on

5 Top Tips For Successful Consultative Selling

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No matter what you sell, a consultative selling approach is essential if you want to land the business. Click on this link if you’re looking for a consultative selling course. If you’re looking for tips then please read on! For me, it’s all about unearthing the needs, the wants and desires of your prospects and then positioning your product or solution in…

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Mastering The Art Of Knowing Exactly What The Customer Wants

Demands, needs, wants

What do you consider to be the greatest skill that any salesperson should develop to the level of excellence? Presentation skills? The ability to negotiate effectively? Prospecting skills? Although all these are definitely important, the key skill that salespeople always need to develop is the art of active listening. It really does set the average apart from the excellent. But…

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The 5-Step Consultative Sales Process That Has Stood The Test Of Time – Video Blog

The art of selling has changed dramatically over the last 30 years, and the way that sales people and business owners now prospect and sell to the customers has moved on significantly from the one-way sales monologue and cold calling techniques that used to reign. Over the last several decades, the sales industry has become focused on the consultative selling…

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Getting Beneath The Surface Of Your Prospects’ Beliefs

My team and I have sat in on many visits with sales people, listening to great examples (and not so great!) of consultancy sessions, where the client has specific needs and the salesperson deals with those needs. Recently, I came across a sales technique that had me thinking about whether those salespeople could really have dug deeper to discover needs…

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And The Moral of the Story Is…

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In tribute to the many sales managers, trainers, directors and coaches who are always in need of more creative, effective and memorable ways to relay sales training concepts, I am starting a new series called, “And the Moral of the Story is…” Start your weekend by looking here every Friday morning at 10:00 am for some entertaining sales stories.  Like…

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4 Things Clients Want From You Every Time

Two minds connecting

The days are long gone since you could pitch up at a client’s office, tell him about your products and services, do a little negotiating and close the deal. Today, the emphasis is on building relationships, long-term and mutual. To do this, the salesperson needs to earn the right to continue the discussions, build integrity, establish reliability and offer the…

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3 Steps To Converting To Consultative Selling

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Many salespeople have heard the reasoning behind why they should be concentrating on consultative selling, and may have even tried to achieve that end goal. But many more have wondered how they actually start on the road to consultative selling, so here are some ideas to get the ball rolling and the confidence flowing: Firstly, don’t talk about price or…

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Become More Collaborative And Consultative

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Our buyers have changed over the past few years. Those who were around in the early part of this century have either been replaced, moved on or changed the way they buy. Selling in the same way as we always have means we miss out on opportunities, because the buyer who bought from us with that style doesn’t exist any…

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Symbiotic Selling – Ever Heard Of It?

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Have you heard of symbiotic selling? Symbiosis is a cooperative relationship between two dissimilar organisms in which both organisms receive beneficial reinforcement (mutualism). Like a shark and a remora fish. The remora will enter the shark’s mouth and clean out debris, getting food and protection. The shark gets clean teeth and gills, allowing it to swim in new waters more…

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