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The 3 Words That Will Galvanise You To Sales Superstardom

Man Hand Writing Passion Plus Hard work is success

I’ve just finished listening to another Tony Robbins CD. He’s someone who I’ve always admired, not only because of his knowledge and awareness of what makes us do what we do (although he’s up there with the rest of the top coaches in those areas) but also because of the way he makes me feel after listening to him.  He…

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“I’ve Been Selling This Product For Years” – So What?


Albert Einstein once said that ‘Imagination is greater than Knowledge’. I’ve always admired this thought, because often I’ve come across people who think that, just because they’ve been selling for many years and they have more product knowledge than their team mates and most of their prospects, then that’s all they need to be successful. It set me thinking about…

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