future planning

Navigate Your Way To Sales Success

While on holiday this year, I had the chance to go on a fairly large boat and enjoy the Mediterranean in all its glory, while sipping a wonderfully refreshing drink and enjoying the fabulous views around the island. The pilot spoke good English and we struck up a good rapport (well…I will speak with anyone when I get the chance!)….

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Anticipation Can Help You Get Future Business

Today, I nearly had an accident in my car. Driving on the motorway at around 60mph in heavy traffic , I was following the car in front (at a safe distance, of course!) when I noticed the cars two or three ahead of the car in front put their brake lights on. One of them began to swerve violently. I…

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Learn From The Past, Plan For The Future

Time To Evaluate on a notepad

As the year draws to an end, it’s time to look back at what we did right, learn from what went wrong and plan ahead for a successful new year. Firstly, what went right this year for you? Look back and write down your successes this year. Sometimes, we forget exactly how much we have actually accomplished in twelve months….

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How To Plan Effectively

Calendar planner with organiser and notes

How often do you sit down and really plan ahead? Every day? Every week? Sometimes? Planning ahead can really set you apart from other salespeople as it offers a glimpse of a created future. But there’s a way of planning that you may not have focused on before, and it will get you great results. Most people tend to focus…

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Take Control of Your Sales Future

Businessman walking through a door

In the great year-2000 film ‘High Fidelity’, the character Rob asks Laura why he is so unhappy. Laura answers ‘because you’re the same person you used to be!’ These few words of wisdom encapsulate what we as salespeople should know instinctively. The fact that unless we are growing and nurturing our sales skills, we are left stagnating. And you know…

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