handling objections

How To Handle Objections From A Loyal Client

Businessman refusing contract

Loyal clients are always the best to deal with. They offer opportunities to work with them at various levels and can support new initiatives that you are planning. However, we sometimes find even these most patriotic of buyers can cause us challenges through raising objections or concerns. What should we do if we face this dilemma? How should we deal…

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Satisfaction With Current Suppliers, Building Quality Case Studies & A Quote From Patricia Fripp

Episode 8 – Satisfaction With Current Suppliers, Building Quality Case Studies & A Quote From Patricia Fripp Episode 8: Loads Bubbling Podcast This podcast includes: Satisfaction with current suppliers How to build quality case studies A useful quote from Patricia Fripp Take a look at this episode on https://www.mtdsalestraining.com/loads-bubbling-podcast

How To Overcome 10 Of The Hardest Sales Objections

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Objections occur for many reasons. Maybe you haven’t built up the value of your solution. It could be the buyer has a similar solution and doesn’t want to change. Or they don’t trust that your products are right for them or their business. Don’t be put off by objections. If you walk away at the first sign of resistance, you…

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MTD Video – 2 Quick Responses To “That Costs Too Much”

Within this video you will learn how to respond to the price objection “that costs too much”. Just how do you respond to a statement like that? View this video and find out!   Happy Selling! Sean McPheat Managing Director MTD Sales Training | Sales Blog

Is “I’m Just Looking” An Objection?

It is incredible that three mere words from a total stranger will often create fear, frustration and feebleness in some of the most experienced sales people. The extremely common response of “I’M JUST LOOKING,” from a prospective customer, actually causes some retail sales reps to walk away and WAIT for the prospect to convert him or herself into a buyer….

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A Powerful Way To Handle The Spouse Objection

“Well, everything looks good. But I just have to ask my wife about this…” “Yes, it is a great offer, but I always discuss things like this with my husband first…” Is It an Objection, a Stall or a Condition? We are all familiar with the spouse objection, and before I give you a great way to answer this stall,…

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One Great Sales Close

Following is one powerfully effective sales close that I am finding is quickly becoming a favourite among many sales people. The three main reasons I like this sales close is… 1. It is simple 2. It HELPS the prospect sort out the issues and see things clearly 3. It HELPS the sales person find the real problem So, in case…

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A Powerful Response to the “I’m Not Interested,” Cold Call Objection

Business woman holding phone

“Hi, Mr Prospect.  Ethan James here, with XYZ Solutions…” “I’m not interested!” Arrrgh! Below is a very effective way to handle the “not interested,” come back.  However, it is not a script to follow verbatim.  Though I am going to put this in the form of a hypothetical cold call, the words are not important.  I want to convey the…

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Why Prospects Object When There Is No Objection

Businesswoman saying no to salesman

You did your job: you uncovered the problems and the pain and you helped the prospect clearly see the benefits and the affordability.  Then you instilled a sense of urgency by giving the potential customer reasons and additional benefits to move forward today.  You also did not wait until the close to address common objections.  Instead, you foresaw those familiar…

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10 Stalls That Customers Use As Objections

Businessman holding objection card

Why do objections occur in the first place? There can be many reasons, but it generally boils down to the fact that not enough value has been raised in the customer’s mind. If it had, you wouldn’t be facing an objection; you would be heading toward gaining a commitment. But not all objections actually turn out to be real. Many…

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