handling objections

5 Ways To Handle ‘I Want To Shop Around’

Jumping over objections

How frustrating is it when your client has gone through your proposal and your presentation and then said ‘I want to shop around and get some quotes form other suppliers’? It’s not obvious from his statement what exactly his objection is to your proposal, so it may be necessary for you to probe a little deeper to find out precisely…

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When Your Customer Won’t Make a Decision

Woman with a question mark on head

Customers often use delaying tactics and techniques for many reasons. In fact Doug Hall, in his book “Jump Start Your Marketing Brain” cites research studies that have identified over 80 reasons why customers delay making a decision. Interestingly, those delays can be amalgamated into five key reasons. Now, it’s not about forcing customers to make decisions (both you and they…

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When They Want You To Call Back In The Future

Business woman holding phone

Now, is this a real obstacle or is it a stall? They may say something like “Give me a call in six months and we’ll see”. Does the prospect really want your product, or is there something else? Can they afford it? Is the price ok? Or is it simply a polite way of saying no? In fact, if they…

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Responding To Objections

Clients negotiating price with salesperson

Many times, when your prospect has had a chance to think about your offer, they come up with observations and comments that stall the progress of the sale. For whatever reason, they are yet to be convinced that you have the answer to their problems. In response to this, many salespeople use a familiar tactic that they’ve heard about, convinced…

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Objection Handling In Sales

Objection Handling In Sales – Ask And All Shall Be Revealed! Faced with an objection? Always ask “What do you mean by that?” PROSPECT “It’s just too much money” YOU “What do you mean by that?” PROSPECT “I just haven’t got enough money left over from wages this month to fund this piece of kit?” YOU “What could you afford…

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