hiring sales people

A Question To Use When Hiring Top Sales People

Hiring the right sales people is a difficult task and this little role playing scenario will help.  Keep in mind that this is not to be used as the only deciding factor in your hiring choice.  We also recommend that you test (with assessments and also during the interview) for competencies, skills, attitude and ability. This is just a useful exercise to…

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An Effective Way To Identify Top Sales People

Finding and hiring good people is a challenge in any industry.  However, identifying and hiring people who can become top sales producers is a monumental feat few have been able to achieve with any level of consistency. However, I have found that this one test, this short role-playing scenario, can help you identify people who have all of the necessary…

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How To Make A Sales Hiring Decision

Mid-adult businessman making difficult decision looking at scree

I’ve been receiving a lot of CV’s lately from sales professionals who have either been made redundant who like what we do and want to work for MTD! A lot of them talk a good game and have very impressive CV’s but who do you choose? And if you’ve been recruiting for sales positions then you probably know what I…

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