How do I follow up

The Best Way To Follow Up A Sales Call

My team gained a good client earlier this year and have just learned that they are going to get more work from them in the near future. As normal, we asked the client why they chose us and why they have given us the extra business. Naturally, if we know what we’re doing right, we can do more of it. They…

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A Powerful Tip For Following Up On Literature

The cold call went so well, you wished it were recorded so you all of your peers could hear. The prospect sounded glad you called, and seems anxious to receive your information package. However, when you call back, it sounds like you are talking to a totally different person. Suddenly, the prospect became defensive and short. The rapport you established…

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Make A Difference When Following Up

Follow up on wooden blocks

Do you want to make an impression on your prospects? Who doesn’t? But when it comes to standing out, what do you do that would definitely be different from your competitors and make you extremely memorable? How about this? Imagine you’ve delivered a great proposal to your prospect, one you’ve been working on for ages with your marketing team. You…

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How To Follow Through After Closing

Follow up written on calendar

One of our trainers asked delegates on a recent open sales course, when was the sale actually completed and finished? All the delegates volunteered that it was when the prospect said ‘yes’ to the sale. This was termed the ‘close’, and we could heave a big sigh of relief and tick another one off our checklist. However, I came across…

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Stand Out When You Follow Up

Organiser with a pen and phone

People buy from you because of who you are, right? That’s what most buyers tell us. You’re impression on the customer can make or break a sale. Even if you have the best product and service, even if you’re the best value, even if they would be foolish to go with anyone else, you can be that differentiator in the…

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