how to be a good salesperson

Remember These Four Basics of Successful Selling

As top salespeople, we are always searching for the Holy Grail, those elusive qualities that make a real difference in the way we sell and the results we achieve. Making sure we hit our targets, create opportunities and maintain client loyalty occupies our business minds and we are continually seeking better ways to achieve. However, sometimes we miss the basics….

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What Is The Difference Between A Sales Person And An Order Taker?

We have all heard the phrases; an order taker or a sales person. However, what does that mean and what is the difference between the two? Take a look at this analogy… The Eagle and the Vulture The difference between a professional sales person and an order taker is similar to the difference between a vulture and an eagle. Whereas,…

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What Makes A Good Salesperson?

So what does make a good salesperson? Well, if I had a pound for everytime someone has asked me that question I don’t think I’d have to ever sell again! That said here are my top 8 attributes (in no particular order but #1 is!) 1. The Desire To Help People Note how I said “to help people” and not…

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