How to build rapport

Why Matching & Mirroring Really Works

Have you heard of matching and mirroring? It’s the concept psychologists talk about when they refer to us building unconscious rapport with another person. They talk about matching their unconscious body language and gestures so that they feel at ease in our company. They also refer to matching or mirroring the words they use to describe their experiences. By using…

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3 Ways To Make Small Talk Pay Big Dividends

Some call it “small talk.” Others refer to it as the “warm up.” You know; it’s that idle, incidental banter between you and the prospect as you get things into place before the sales interaction. This warm up talk is more important than many realise and can steer the sales process in a positive or negative direction. In addition, this…

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Following Up on Literature to Set the Appointment: Tip #3

Follow up written on calendar

You worked hard to get your foot in the door, and you finally reached the decision maker (DM).  It took a few minutes, but you established some rapport in the initial cold call.  You sent out your information package and called back in anticipation of setting an easy appointment. However, you reach the prospect, and she does not seem to…

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How to Develop Rapport in A Cold Call

Cold Calling words with telephone

In a prospecting cold call you have but a precious few seconds to accomplish a whole list of objectives, one of which is to get the prospect to continue to listen to you.  Of course, to do this you need to create some rapport with the prospect.  Following are three tips to help you instantly create a stronger rapport with…

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5 Ways To Kill Rapport With Your Clients

Saying no to a salesperson

Rapport is the single most important thing to build during a meeting with a client. Without it, you run the risk of losing contact and trust. As a high-quality salesperson, you need to identify how to build rapport quickly, and with integrity. Here are 5 ways that you can break rapport stone dead: 1. Don’t do your research. The fastest…

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