How to get lucky in sales

How To Get LUCKY…In Sales

Does selling have anything to do with luck? Is closing a sale a matter of circumstance and running into the right prospect at the right time? Some will say that selling is all a matter of luck, and one week you got it and one week you don’t. Then others will claim that luck or happenstance has nothing to do…

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More Sales Superstitions and Phobias

In the recent post, “Do You Have Sales Superstitions?” I highlighted the first three of those unwarranted fears that often adversely affect the positive and confident sales mindset. Sales Superstitions 1.     That Special Suit or Outfit 2.     Sex and Age 3.     The Pre-Sale Ritual If none of those sales false-notions seem to hit home for you, check out the last…

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How To Create Your Own LUCK

Just how much of selling success is luck?  Some will say that selling has absolutely nothing to do with luck; instead it is all a matter of skill.   Others however, will maintain that, of course there is some element of luck involved in selling.  While still some sales professionals (as I have noted on this site) define luck as Labour Under…

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