leaving client voicemails

“I Can’t Get My Prospects To Return My Calls!”

Young woman sitting on top with phone

It’s one of the biggest complaints we hear in our sales programmes. “My prospect won’t return my call!” Of course, it’s the prospect who’s missing out, isn’t it? It’s the prospect who should be doing the work isn’t it? It’s the prospect who should be picking up the phone after you’ve left your message and begging you to come and…

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3 Useful Hints For Leaving Your Prospect A Voicemail


Do you get tired of phoning clients and, instead of getting through, get their voicemail? Yes, it can be frustrating, can’t it? And when you have dozens of them in your weekly call cycle, it can be demoralising and make you wonder if it’s all worth it. So what should you do when you get through to voicemail? To leave…

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