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The 3 Worst Cold Calling Tips Ever

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Cold calling presents a ton of challenges to sales professionals at every level and in every industry. Therefore, there are a plethora of tips, tricks and magical scripts to help sales people overcome objections, get though GK screens and close sales or set appointments. However, out of this excess of advice, there are three so-called gems that are extremely misleading…

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Follow This Cold Calling Sequence To Get An Appointment

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When you call someone for the first time, it can be a bit unnerving to get their voicemail. But it needn’t be, if you prepare effectively. It always surprises me how many salespeople are not prepared for voicemail. These days, buyers are busier than ever, and even if they are available, may put their phones through to voicemail, simply because…

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3 Cold Calling Myths Debunked


In spite of a gazillion tips, tricks and magical scripts on cold calling, sales people at every level and in every profession still struggle with this often unavoidable task. While cold calling advice ranges from the useful and practical, to the sublime and ridiculous, there are some cold calling ideas and beliefs that are actually harmful. There are some ideas…

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4 Reasons Why Prospects Fear Cold Calls

We have heard for years about how much today’s consumer detests receiving the dreaded cold-call. We all know that cold calling has become increasingly difficult and the modern-day buyer has become more evasive, defensive, suspicious and even hostile towards getting a telephone solicitation call. As a result, there are tons of training and tips on how to handle such obstacles…

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How To Social Engineer Your Justification Statements!

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How do most people feel when they receive a ‘cold call’? One reason that most “cold” calls fail and result in rejection is that most salespeople start their conversations the same way to everyone they speaking with, sounding like a robotic mouthpiece. How about trying something different? How about using personalised, customised information in your openings and voice mail, linked…

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