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How To Handle “I’m Not Interested” In A Cold Call

You finally get through to the decision maker (DM) and before you can even explain the reason for your call, you hear, “I’m not interested!” What you need to realise is that this impulsive, nearly subconscious response is NOT actually an objection. The prospect has nothing to object to at this point. However, most sales people launch into a plethora…

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How To Overcome The "I’m Not Interested" Objection

Cold Calling words in 3d letters beside a telephone to illustrat

This post is for all of us who prospect or make cold calls whether that be over the telephone or if you turn up unannounced at a prospects premises. How many times do you receive the “I’m not interested” objection before you’ve even told them anything? If you do then you should read some of my cold calling tips because…

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