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How To Overcome The Fear Of Cold Calling

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You are all ready to go. You have all of your leads for the day prepared and lined up in front of you. You have all of your rebuttals ready, and you have rehearsed your main talking points. You are ready to begin your cold calling session. You pick up the telephone and make the first call. The prospect was…

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Overcoming The Fear Of Rejection In Sales

You may have heard of the dreaded “Fear of Rejection,” or “Phone Phobia.” Those dreaded mental and psychological blocks that hamper and even destroy sales success. To have a fear or apprehension of rejection is actually a very natural human reaction. However, as a sales professional, you do not have the luxury of succumbing to this normal human emotion. A…

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Even After All Of This “Web Stuff” You Still Need To Engage With Your Prospects

You made the initial contact through LinkedIn. You then directed the prospect to your company website for additional information. You emailed more documentation and now it is time to call to set an appointment. Fear begins to set in. Will you face a strong gatekeeper screen? Will the prospect have time to talk? Will your voice present the wrong image…

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How to Eliminate Phone Phobia

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The first part of this article, “Do you suffer from Phone Phobia,” explained how phone phobia is much more than the simple fear of making calls.  It has to do with the misplaced high-level of importance sales people place on the value of the call.  To eliminate phone phobia, you must determine and understand the true value of a single…

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Do You Suffer from Phone Phobia?

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Setting appointments and closing sales over the telephone is not easy as numerous obstacles stand in the path of success: elusive decision makers, gatekeeper screens, fierce competition, privacy concerns, cold calling laws, and the lack of control you have over the telephone. However, the most deadly obstacle to achieving success on the telephone is the underlying fear of using the…

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