planning ahead

Six Tips To Ensure You Are Fully Prepared Before Each Prospect Meeting

I read recently about a building that had collapsed, trapping many people inside. Although thankfully extremely rare, these types of occurrences put fear and trepidation into anyone who steps into a similar type of building. The cause of this particular collapse was the poor foundations of the building. Apparently, the concrete used had been watered down to save money, and…

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Navigate Your Way To Sales Success

While on holiday this year, I had the chance to go on a fairly large boat and enjoy the Mediterranean in all its glory, while sipping a wonderfully refreshing drink and enjoying the fabulous views around the island. The pilot spoke good English and we struck up a good rapport (well…I will speak with anyone when I get the chance!)….

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Structuring A Winning Sales Call

Rather than allowing the prospect to take control of the call, we need to play a pro-active part in the sales call, so we can show the prospect what is best for their business. Think of yourself being the pilot of a plane. You have control of all the equipment, you make the moves, you determine the result of the…

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How To Plan Effectively

Calendar planner with organiser and notes

How often do you sit down and really plan ahead? Every day? Every week? Sometimes? Planning ahead can really set you apart from other salespeople as it offers a glimpse of a created future. But there’s a way of planning that you may not have focused on before, and it will get you great results. Most people tend to focus…

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