prospect mindset

How To Progress An Indecisive Prospect

One of the most difficult conversations you’ll probably have is the one where the prospect can’t make their mind up, is indecisive or doesn’t know how to make a commitment. Mainly, it’s down to fear of failure, or of making a mistake that will come back and haunt them later. It’s a natural reaction, because who in their right mind…

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Why Prospects Say No

About 20 years ago there was a revolution in the sales world, one that drove many people out of selling altogether, but drove others towards earning fortunes. Before that, most prospects found out about your products and services by listening to your pitches and discussions on the phone, in brochures and in person. They believed what you said, based on…

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How To Handle The Prospect Who Is Afraid Of EVERYTHING

How do you handle the prospect that is afraid of everything and everybody?  You know the person I’m talking about.  That prospect who is so paranoid, you wonder how they got the job and how you set the appointment. First, I’ll offer some tips to help you better recognise the Paranoid Prospect (PP), followed by three effective ways to handle…

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