How To Uncover Your Prospects Needs & Wants With 1 Question

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We all know the benefits of using quality questions in uncovering the current position our prospects are in. The better the quality of the questions, the more information you will gain. Now, imagine if there was one simple question you could ask that would uncover a whole load of information. One question that, when answered, would help you build value…

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6 Steps That Help Your Prospect Know They’ve Made The Right Decision

Salesperson and prospect shaking hands

We’re often taught as salespeople that we have the best solution for prospect’s businesses and that we should be able to sell to everyone. If they don’t buy, then our sales managers think you haven’t tried enough or you made some errors along the way. While these ideas may be correct in some circumstances, we can only get so far…

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Reasons Your Prospect Buys, Ways To Improve Your Listening & Simon Sinek on the Power of Why

Episode 12 – Reasons Your Prospect Buys, Ways To Improve Your Listening & Simon Sinek on the Power of Why This podcast includes: The only reasons your prospects buys 10 ways you can improve your listening skills Simon Sinek on the Power of Why

The Only 4 Reasons Your Prospect Will Buy

sign a contract

It’s really quite simple when you consider it: customers become customers if you solve a business problem or create an opportunity for them. That’s basically it, really. But so many salespeople think that just regurgitating a whole brochure-load of facts and information about their products or services will do this for the customer. Unfortunately, this makes the customer have to…

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Don’t Interrogate Your Prospect, Use This Approach…

Two businessman in dark room

Many buyers have told us in the past that the one thing they hate when with salespeople is being sold to. That seems odd, when you think the reason they are there is to sell their products! But what they mean is that they dislike feeling under pressure, the salesperson using sales tricks and tactics, and the false promises that…

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A Quick Look Into Prospecting With LinkedIn

Linkedin screen

Many people are under the impression that LinkedIn is generally only used as a recruitment tool, as it is very common to find job advertisements posted all over the site, and obviously LinkedIn’s main function is to provide each member with a professional (and searchable) profile. But recruitment is not the only service LinkedIn can provide and as a business…

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So…How Do You Get The Prospect To Call You? (Here’s 11 Ways…)

Global Communication Concept phone

Many salespeople believe prospecting to be a one-way journey, where you make contact with the prospect and you have to do all the work to convince them they are making the right choice to talk to you, and eventually buy from you. But what if you could make yourself the target of prospects to contact? How can you make yourself…

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Here’s Why Your Prospects Aren’t Buying From You…

Wallet In Chains

This blog post is not going to cover how to handle objections, instead we are going to cover the underlying reasons why prospects don’t buy from you. Objections are, after all, just reasons and points that your salespeople need answer to satisfy the prospect that your product does the job. Let me go through the 4 reasons why your prospects don’t buy…

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How To Justify The Value Of What You Are Offering To The Prospect

I met with a prospect not long ago and we spoke at length about his concerns and how he needed his salespeople to move away from the status quo and start bringing in more sales. Without that happening, he may have to make redundancies. After discussing what we could do to assist him, he asked a question that is subliminally…

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15 Ways To Know When Your Prospect Is Ready To Buy- Video Blog

Getting a prospect to agree to an order does not have to be tricky. If you listen to what the prospect is saying there should be no problem in getting them to close the order. The prospect will always give signals and signs as a way of communication to what they are thinking. So how would you know this when…

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