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Here’s Why Your Prospects Aren’t Buying From You…

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This blog post is not going to cover how to handle objections, instead we are going to cover the underlying reasons why prospects don’t buy from you. Objections are, after all, just reasons and points that your salespeople need answer to satisfy the prospect that your product does the job. Let me go through the 4 reasons why your prospects don’t buy…

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How To Tweak Your Mindset To Improve Your Cold Calling Performance

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Do you make cold calls to generate leads? If you do, do you actually like making them? Well, whether it is your full time job to make them or whether they are part of your job, the vast majority of people who have to make them do not like doing so. I actually put this down to the way that cold…

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The 5 Stages Of The Buyer’s Decision Making Process & How To Utilise It

Yes No or Maybe concepts

How do you make a decision? Ever thought about it? Many of us have, and have used the facts behind decision-making in identifying how they should work with clients. But many more haven’t studied this subject and consequently lose the ability to influence buyers in making decisions that will progress a sale and take the prospect on a journey of…

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How To Show The Prospect The Future’s Brighter With You

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Sigmund Freud had a way with words. One of his theories was that pain can be more immediate than pleasure, leading us to become more concerned with avoidance of pain and hence paying more attention to it. Many salespeople have heard this reckoning and have identified how recognising a client’s ‘pains’ and ‘problems’ can have a big effect on the…

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6 Ways You Can Fulfil Your Prospect’s Needs


Many salespeople struggle to find the best way forward when they have to work with existing clients because they still put the emphasis on their own products and services. The more successful salespeople spend their time identifying the real needs of the businesses they are working with and creating opportunities for them to advance their businesses. This opens up chances…

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10 Quick Tips On Gaining The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

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Sales is one of the most fluid of industries, mainly because of the massive amount of changes that it has been involved in over the years. The only consistent factor that has existed has been change. Thinking about what has to happen for a sales consultant to be successful, one thing that naturally comes up is their ability to achieve,…

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Use This Cold Email Template To Make The Best Possible First Impression With The Prospect

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I’ve seen hundreds and hundreds of emails from companies trying to sell their products to me or my team. Some of the products and services are really good and would make a difference to the way we work. But the emails are so lousy or self-serving that they (a) don’t tell me how I would benefit or (b) bore me to…

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6 Components That Add Up To A Sale (And How To Utilise Them…)

Handshake In Business

We often get asked for the Holy Grail of selling, that one thing that would increase sales exponentially. Without being patronising, we say there really isn’t just one-size- fits-all when it comes to sales. But there are a series of components that, when applied together, help you achieve the sale more often than not. To check if there is a…

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Use These 2 Techniques To Guarantee Appointments With The Prospect

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You will have known for some time that the ideas of selling have changed over the years, so that the emphasis is now less on the process of sales and more on the processes the buyer goes though in making the purchase. Much has been written about the mind-set of the buyer and how they make decisions. Our job in…

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How To Take Control Of The Conversation With Your Prospect

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Do you remember the saying years ago that went along the lines of ‘He has the gift of the gab….he should be in sales!’? According to many people in the old days, if you could talk a lot, you could convince someone that they should buy from you. How times have changed! Today, it’s the customer who holds all the…

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