Relationship selling

Building From Relationship To Transaction

When you sell your products and services, it’s imperative that you learn your clients’ behavioural patterns and how they use your products to achieve results. They don’t buy your products at all, even though you put the emphasis on what they do and how they work. No, they buy the outcomes your products will produce for them. This means you…

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How Do You Know You’re On The Right Track?

Sales is an unpredictable profession at the best of times. You may be up one moment and down the next. And a lot of the unpredictability comes from the ‘not knowing’, the lack of clarity of where you are in the selling cycle or what is actually happening during the sale. How do you know when things are actually going…

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3 Myths Of Relationship Selling

Wooden blocks spelling MYTHS

Have you ever met with a prospect and got on really well, then it ends up that they never return your calls or emails and you can’t get in touch with them? How frustrating is that?! There are many reasons why this may occur, but here are three myths about relationship selling that might explain them. Firstly, the relationship that…

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