Responding to objections

“I Am Happy With My Current Supplier,” Is NOT An Objection

Young businesswoman in office isolated on white

Every day, I hear from salespeople who are confused, frustrated or defeated by facing what they feel is a nearly insurmountable objection: “I am sorry, but I am very happy with my current supplier/vendor. We have been doing business with them for many years and have no reason to change…” This position strikes terror in most salespeople and many ask…

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Stop Trying To Overcome Objections

Objections: those reasons, stalls, excuses, or otherwise barriers that prevent you from closing the sale. Every professional sales person is familiar with objections, and has invested significant amounts of time learning how to deal with objections. You may not like sales objections, but let’s face it; if prospects did not object, you probably would not have a job. A Different…

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Responding To Objections

Clients negotiating price with salesperson

Many times, when your prospect has had a chance to think about your offer, they come up with observations and comments that stall the progress of the sale. For whatever reason, they are yet to be convinced that you have the answer to their problems. In response to this, many salespeople use a familiar tactic that they’ve heard about, convinced…

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