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4 Quick Tips For The Up & Coming Sales Manager

Sales manager and team in a meeting

Very often, we see top quality salespeople made up to be sales manager and expected to deliver immediate success, as if they already have the necessary skills to succeed in that role. Think about it; just because they have been successful in one position doesn’t automatically ensure success in another. Many salespeople are excellent at organising themselves, can sell very…

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Should You Always Agree With Your Client?

Business people agreeing and disagreeing

“The customer is always right” I’m sure you’ve heard these oft-quoted words from Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of the department store that bears his name. And how often have you thought of those words and cringed when the customer you are with has said something you know is definitely the wrong side of wrong? Alexander Kjerulf is an independent…

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5 Video Meeting Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Business woman having a video conference

Are you using video meetings in your sales process? More and more companies are going down this route especially those that sell software, SAAS products and online services (such as online sales training). Sometimes it can save you a ton of time if you can jump on a video conference call with screen sharing capability and all that jazz! Do…

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10 Ways To Combat Nerves Before A Sales Interaction

Nervous business woman with prospect

It’s a common subject brought up on our training programmes, and it can affect even the most experienced of salespeople. How do we overcome the feeling of nervousness before having a sales interaction? First, let’s highlight why nerves may show themselves. Feeling anxious, uneasy or worried is a natural reaction to stressful or uncomfortable situations. The body is anticipating some…

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4 Strategies All Successful Salespeople MUST Employ


We often see the successful salesperson and put it down to being in the right place at the right time, getting the breaks or simply being ‘lucky’. When successful people are analysed, though, we see that, although there may be streaks of luck involved in their successful results, by far the majority of the results they achieve come from doing…

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“I’ve Been Selling This Product For Years” – So What?


Albert Einstein once said that ‘Imagination is greater than Knowledge’. I’ve always admired this thought, because often I’ve come across people who think that, just because they’ve been selling for many years and they have more product knowledge than their team mates and most of their prospects, then that’s all they need to be successful. It set me thinking about…

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5 Factors That Prevent You From Being A Sales ‘Nearly Man’

Depressed young businessman

One of my friends likes a flutter now and again. Oh, he’s not a bona-fide better, just someone who now and again enjoys taking the risk of seeing if his horse can beat the others. There’s one big problem. He always bets on the horse to place. When you place a bet on a horse to win, your bet pays…

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How Sales People Get Beyond First Base…

Business Woman Pointing To Cow

Many sales people ask us for that ‘one thing’, the idea that will solve all their problems and enable them to hit their goals every time. The ‘magic pill’ if you like, that will make them their sales managers’ dream machine. Sorry, but there isn’t just one thing that will make you successful. But if there is one bit of…

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A Sales Lesson From…Bird Droppings?

Dove drawing

I read an amusing story recently that made me think seriously about being a victim of circumstances and the attitude we should have about things. Apparently, reports had been coming in about a massive pile of bird droppings that had been building up at the Amherst Town Hall attic area, in Massachusetts, USA. Naturally, this was causing a health hazard,…

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Here’s An Important Lesson For All Sales People From Starbucks

white cups with coffe

Last week, one of my trainers and I were on our way to visit a prospect when we stopped off at a Starbucks for a drink. We ordered our favourites and sat down.  I was just looking around while we waited for our drinks to be delivered to our table, when I noticed the pricing on the menu on the…

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