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8 Tips For Preparing For A Sales Call

Preparation Is The Key

When we ask salespeople how they prepare for making sales calls, most say they might check the company’s website and possibly check the contact’s Linked-In profile, but that’s about it, really. This surprises us, as the quality of the preparation can make or break your opportunities with a new prospect. Here are some tips that you might consider to make…

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3 Quick Tips On Making Notes During Your Sales Call

Phone Call

One of my sales trainers had an interesting discussion with a sales team recently, where the team were seeking advice on how they could make their sales records less over-whelming. No-one had ever given them recommendations on how to make notes. The question has rarely come up, but it’s worth asking. Should you make notes on everything that has been…

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Digging Deep to Find the Gold – The Art of Asking Quality Questions in a Sales Call

I once read of an expedition to find hidden treasures in the Middle East. Rumour had it that wealth beyond compare had been buried in caves by ancient people who had been trying to escape war-mongering looters. The surveys carried out had revealed there were indeed treasures to be found beneath the surface of the ground in the caves that…

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