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3 Small Tweaks That Will Enhance Your Sales Performance

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I came across a great quote the other day from Jeff Gitomer, the proficient sales writer from the States. He said that ‘Great salespeople aren’t born or made; they evolve over time based on their dedication to excellence and their willingness to serve’.  This struck me as a great philosophy to live by, and I just want to highlight three…

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5 Factors That Prevent You From Being A Sales ‘Nearly Man’

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One of my friends likes a flutter now and again. Oh, he’s not a bona-fide better, just someone who now and again enjoys taking the risk of seeing if his horse can beat the others. There’s one big problem. He always bets on the horse to place. When you place a bet on a horse to win, your bet pays…

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The Mind-Set Of Sales Excellence

There was once a footballer who had a great game. His forward play was faultless, his precision applauded and his deft touches sublime. He hit a superb hat-trick and was fated all round the world for his performance. An English premiership manager saw the player, had his agent approached and within a couple of weeks had signed him. Unfortunately, the…

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