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How To Manage Your Sales Manager

One of the main questions I get from sales people is what to do when trapped under ineffective, negative, de-motivating or otherwise, bad sales management. Being a sales director myself, I hesitate to align myself with unfounded complaints about sales management. However, being, first and foremost, a sales person myself, I must address this issue. Let’s face it; there are…

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Motivate For SHOW, Manage For DOUGH

As a sales manager, director or otherwise, frontline supervisor of a sales team, you have many challenges. Motivating the crew to do their best is usually the primary goal and the area where most sales managers spend their time. However, in motivating the team, it is easy to overlook the individual sales person. After a time, you can find yourself…

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How To L.E.A.D By Example For Successful Sales Management

Most people in sales management or with a title that is responsible for leading a sales team, speak about leading by example. However, exactly what does that mean? Many think that to lead your team by example, is to sell as much or as more as each member of the sales team. In some sales organisations, this may be practical. However,…

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Are Your Sales Teams Putting Out Fires When They Should Be Closing Sales?

In this age of economic problems, strained budgets, reduced revenue and increased competition; companies the world over are doing what is necessary to survive. Often this includes reducing expenses, and rightly so. However, there is one area where reducing expenditures can cause more harm than good. In fact, you may think about increasing your budget in the area of Sales…

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3 Ways To Get Your Sales Team To Look Up To And Admire You

Leading a sales team is not an easy task. However, gaining the full respect, admiration and loyalty of the sales crew, is another achievement entirely. To be a true leader, means that people are willing to follow you enthusiastically. Because you are able to give orders, impart some encouraging words, change policy, or fire people; does not make you a…

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Solid And Flexible Sales Management Approaches

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  With all the advice and ideas available about how to manage and lead in difficult times, it can hard for a sales manager to know when to remain resilient and when to adapt to changes in circumstances. If you’ve carried out a personality profile in the past, you’ll know that some characteristics are good to maintain, whereas other behaviour…

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