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Why ‘Saying’ And ‘Being Believed’ Are Two Different Things

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When I was growing up, my uncle had some ideas that, in this modern world, would seem laughable. Yet, in those days, we had no social media and a mobile phone was a brick attached to a 16lb battery! Yes, things were a little different then. One of my uncle’s ideas was that ‘if it’s in the paper, it’s true’….

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What Mindset Should We Be Pursuing, React or Respond & Tony Robbins on Mindset

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Episode 5 – What Mindset Should We Be Pursuing, React or Respond & Tony Robbins on Mindset Episode 5: Loads Bubbling Podcast This podcast includes: What mindset should we be pursuing? Should we react or respond? Tony Robbins on mindset Take a look at this episode on

5 Ways To Create, Develop & Maintain Optimism As A Salesperson


Optimism has been described as a mental attitude reflecting a belief or hope that the outcome of some specific endeavour, or outcomes in general, will be positive, favourable, and desirable. It comes from the Latin ‘Optimum’ meaning ‘best’ and is often used by sales managers when they refer to their sales teams having the right attitude. But when things aren’t…

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3 Techniques To Pick Yourself Up After Losing A Sale

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No matter how good your sales technique, even the best of us will not get a 100% closing ratio. Be it a buyer who isn’t ready yet to make a decision, or a poor meeting where the sales person doesn’t listen effectively, or a myriad of other reasons, it’s possible that the sale has been lost when it could have…

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6 Quick Ways To Improve Your Influencing Skills

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Many of our delegates on our selling skills courses want to improve or increase their influencing skills because they want to impress potential buyers into buying from them. This is natural, because we want to give reasons to buy and hence gain more opportunities. The skills we need to influence or persuade others doesn’t have to be forceful or manipulative….

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The One Quality That Will Improve Your Results Overnight & In The Long Term


We’re often asked what salespeople can do to improve their results. Naturally, there’s no one answer that fits all, but there is one thing that we see that definitely has an effect not only on the way salespeople work but also the results they achieve in the short and long term. You’ve heard the phrase ‘Insanity is repeating the same…

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The Mind-Set Of Sales Excellence


There was once a footballer who had a great game. His forward play was faultless, his precision applauded and his deft touches sublime. He hit a superb hat-trick and was fated all round the world for his performance. An English premiership manager saw the player, had his agent approached and within a couple of weeks had signed him. Unfortunately, the…

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Create Your Own Sales Genie

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The old stories of the person walking across a beach and finding an old lamp that, when rubbed, releases a genie that gives you three wishes is exactly that….an old story. But wouldn’t it be great if you could have someone or something that you could turn to and grant your every wish. It would be a miracle, yes, though it…

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How To Overcome Your Fears & Focus On Results

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A report this week detailed the fact that children at school are losing the ability to concentrate for long periods of time. They have shorter attention spans than they did even 10 or 15 years ago. This is caused on many occasions by children spending time on games that require shorter focus and less effort than before they played them….

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Should You Worry About WHY You Lost The Sale?

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