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3 Times When You SHOULD Take NO For An Answer

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Well, we all know the old sales person’s mantra, “Never take NO for an answer!” Indeed, some sales people try to live by this greed. However, in attempting to live up to such a rigid and unrealistic standard, sales people often cross the line. The line I am referring to is the one where you go from being a professional, confident…

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When Does Professional Persistence Become Badgering Harassment?

Persistence: that all important ingredient that every sales person must possess.  The sales professional makes a living by persevering to get pass various problems, obstacles and objections. Many sales people will tell you that the sale begins when the prospect says, “No.”  Indeed, if sales people accepted the first “no”, there would not be much of anything ever sold anywhere in…

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5 Successful Selling Tips From The Great Sam-I-am

You can find Sam-I-Am in the critically acclaimed children’s book, “Green Eggs & Ham,” by the famed Dr. Seuss.  First published in 1960 by Random House, “Green Eggs & Ham,” tells the story of two characters: one named Sam-I-Am and another, an unnamed character I will call “IT.” Eloquently presented with colourful images and rhymes, the book follows Sam as…

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