Sales phrases

The 7 Best Phrases To Use With Your Prospects

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Trying to get your prospect to interact with you can often be a frustrating nightmare. Making a call that is interrupting their day, especially when it sounds like a typical sales call, can be the quickest way to get a slam-dunk from the other end of the line. What can we suggest, then, that will at least get the prospect…

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7 Things Successful Sales People Never Say


What’s really interesting about we humans is the fact that, even though we don’t like to admit it, we are judgemental beings. Often we don’t view ourselves as being judgemental; we consider ourselves to be realists. A situation occurs and we decide whether it is right or wrong, good or bad, black or white. Where do those ideas come from?…

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7 Sales Phrases You Need To Use To Become More Assertive

Businessman With His Arms Cross

It sounds strange that a salesperson could be considered non-assertive. Surely assertiveness is a key constituent of being in sales, isn’t it? Surprisingly, many salespeople lack the resources required to behave assertively. This may come across as submissive, passive-aggressive or even overtly aggressive at times. So, what phrases can you use in sales that will show an assertive disposition without…

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Use These 4 Phrases When Overcoming These Sales Objections

Objection target

Usually when a prospect makes an excuse, it is because they have not been convinced that whatever you are selling to them, has sufficient benefit for them to change their mind. In order to combat this you should have included them in the solution from the very beginning. You should have been asking questions around what their current situation is,…

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