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5 Steps To Follow When You’ve Done No Sales Meeting Preparation

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So you’ve arrived 30 minutes early and you’re sitting in your car ready to go in and visit a prospect and you’ve made the cardinal sin and have not done any sales preparation for this meeting! Shame on you! So you might have briefly scanned their website but that’s just about it.   Well, here are 5 areas to prepare…

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Six Tips To Ensure You Are Fully Prepared Before Each Prospect Meeting

I read recently about a building that had collapsed, trapping many people inside. Although thankfully extremely rare, these types of occurrences put fear and trepidation into anyone who steps into a similar type of building. The cause of this particular collapse was the poor foundations of the building. Apparently, the concrete used had been watered down to save money, and…

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3 Effective Ways To Mentally Prepare For The Sale

Of course, you must prepare for the sales interaction, and that includes making sure the tangible and technical tools are all in order. However, you also must make certain that your mindset is in proper order. Below are three very important ways you can mentally prepare for the sale. #1: Lose The Personal Problems I know this is much easier…

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Preparing Confidently To Win Every Sale

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Have you ever been caught out on the hop? Have you ever gone into a situation where you just knew that you should have had more facts, figures and information? Have you ever come out of a situation saying, “I wish I knew then what I know now”? Has an interviewer ever caught you out on a question about your…

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Make Technology Work For You In Sales Meetings

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I had an interesting experience this week. A company called us to introduce a new CRM system that they had developed and made an appointment to come and see us at the office. The salesperson arrived on time, looking very professional and very official. Now, you know me through my tips and blogs, and you must know how I like…

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