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7 Biggest Mistakes Salespeople Make


If you had the chance to listen in to the salespeople who made the least sales, and learn from them what NOT to do, would you take it? You bet your Granddad’s last Werther’s Original you would! Well, on some of our sales courses, we’ve been gathering information that sums up what the worst salespeople out there actually do, and…

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Three Times When You Should NOT Look the Prospect in the Eyes

Business woman with arms in a cross

You know the critical importance of Eye Contact.  Yes, eye contact plays a vital role in selling as in almost every other area of business and consumer life.  However, in professional sales, there are a few times when you do not want to have that direct eye-to-eye contact with the prospect. #1 – Demonstrating or Showing a Tangible Product Whether…

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How To Avoid The Biggest Presentation Mistakes

Clients bored during presentation

Many salespeople tell us they enjoy presenting solutions to prospects, but are disappointed with the way they are received. One of the most participative parts of our sales courses involve areas where solutions are presented to prospects, and we can almost guarantee that some of the delegates will make similar mistakes to each other.  Here are the four biggest presentation…

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Tailor Your Presentations For Specific Customers

Presentation with clients

So you’ve found out what the client wants and listened to their many needs. You’ve asked the right questions and got to the main areas of concern. Now you’re ready to present the solutions and convince the prospect you have the answer to his problems. Great! Then how come your presentation sucks? How come the prospect who was champing at…

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5 Sales Presentation Mistakes To Avoid

We all talk about what you should be doing during sales presentations but what about what you shouldn’t be doing?! Here’s 5 sales presentation mistakes to avoid at all costs: 1. Don’t bore your clients about the features all of the time. Yes, do mention them but spend more time on their benefits 2. Off The Shelf RIP – Make…

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