Sales Presentations

Steps To Make Your Presentations Come Alive

Businessman delivering a presentation

When you have found out precisely what the client is wanting in terms of solutions to their problems, you have earned the right to present those solutions. And much of what you say comes down to demonstrating the viability of your product to serve the needs of the client. So many presentations I have seen fall short of what I…

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Make Your Product Presentation Match The Buyer’s Needs

Clients bored during presentation

Let’s face it, when it comes to product demonstrations, many salespeople fall into the trap of carrying out a ‘one-size-fits-all’ presentation, with a prepared verbal monologue of what makes their product the best on the market. What can you do to put together a demonstration of the product that makes a real difference? Here are some ideas: 1) Remember: A…

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What Is Your Reticular Activating System And How To Use It In Sales

Businessman holding question mark

There’s a universal law that states you attract what you focus on. By focusing on ways you can be productive in sales, you tend to see things that add to that productivity. And it works the opposite way, too. Have you noticed that when you focus on how bad things are, more bad things seem to crop up? This is…

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Mind the Gap: Increasing Sales Through Identifying Potential Opportunities

Opportunity ahead road sign

Many salespeople are getting the message that the customer is not interested in their products and services. They are only interested in the outcomes those products and services will provide for them. Your job is to identify how you can assist your customers achieve their goals, and the clearer you can show your prospect the results your products will provide…

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