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Use This 3 Step Process To Start Asking The Right Sales Questions

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If ever there was a key skill that you need to study and improve upon it’s asking the right sales questions. You need to unearth the pain, the desire and the motivations that will get your prospect to take action. Now in an ideal world your prospect will answer your questions EXACTLY the way that you want them to so…

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Improve Your Chances With Better Qualification Questions

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One of the most frequent questions we get asked on our sales courses is concerning the qualification stage of the sale. Many salespeople want to have a suite of questions that will get the client to open up and give them all the information they need. Some of these questions are pretty lame, at best. Probes like ‘Do you have…

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10 Cage-Rattling Questions to Ask Yourself in Your Sales Career

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Seldom do salespeople give themselves the opportunity to reflect on where they are in their career or where they are heading. They are either too involved in the nitty-gritty, everyday operational view of their jobs and accounts, or they don’t think it an important-enough issue to consider it for a long time. Or, as I suspect is the case in…

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Sales Questions – Pull Out The Problems First

I’m asked a lot about the value of asking the right sales questions, so much so that I put a free report together on the homepage of the blog on the top 23 sales questions to use with your prospects! You see, in any sales interaction you need to adopt the PULL rather PUSH mentality. What I mean by this…

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