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ATTENTION: The New Sales Currency

Coins stacked on each other

The last five years has been remarkable in the propensity for new sales models. Each one is a stage further in the evolution of the sales process and its ability to get the buyer to invest in what’s best for their business. But it’s one of the older models that we return to for inspiration here. You’ll no doubt remember…

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How Do You Know Your Customer Will Be A Returning Client?

Repeat customer name tag

Unless you’re working with customers who are purely in transactional mode, the holy grail of sales is gaining repeat business. Turning a one-time customer into a loyal client increases revenue, profit and probable recommendations exponentially. So, how can you tell if the customer you’re dealing with will return and do more business with you? Here are some ideas to work…

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10 Ways To Combat Nerves Before A Sales Interaction

Nervous business woman with prospect

It’s a common subject brought up on our training programmes, and it can affect even the most experienced of salespeople. How do we overcome the feeling of nervousness before having a sales interaction? First, let’s highlight why nerves may show themselves. Feeling anxious, uneasy or worried is a natural reaction to stressful or uncomfortable situations. The body is anticipating some…

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Follow This Exact 5 Step Strategy For Sales Success In All Situations

Growth on ladder

I often meet salespeople in my visits to clients and ask them for their favourite strategies when it comes to sales. Sometimes they tell me a couple of ideas, but mainly I’m met with a blank stare or a mumbling of some quote or other they’ve heard over the years. Why is it so important to have a strategy when…

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10 Steps Sales People Must Take If Everything Seems Like It’s Going Wrong

Sad cartoon businessman

It’s easy to be content and consistent when things are going great. You’re on a roll, nothing seems to be too much trouble and success is around every turn. Oh, if things could always work out how we want them to. But because of imperfect procedures, human error or simply bad luck, we often find things going wrong and having…

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Need To Move From Preferred Supplier To Trusted Advisor? Here’s How…

trusted advisor stamp

We were working with a client recently who asked us if we could discuss strategies on how to become a preferred supplier to their customers.  I must admit to feeling a bit puzzled. My consultant asked them, “Why do you want to only become a preferred supplier?” The answer was along the lines of ‘isn’t that what very supplier should…

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6 Quick Tips On How Sales People Can Gain The Competitive Edge

Businesspeople race on track

Many salespeople have left their personal and career development up to their company, and that’s not a good thing. Your company and boss are up to their ears in working on the urgent stuff, the everyday minutia that keeps the business going. Rarely do they devote much attention to the future-focussed big picture that includes your specific development opportunities. Discussions…

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6 Components That Add Up To A Sale (And How To Utilise Them…)

Handshake In Business

We often get asked for the Holy Grail of selling, that one thing that would increase sales exponentially. Without being patronising, we say there really isn’t just one-size- fits-all when it comes to sales. But there are a series of components that, when applied together, help you achieve the sale more often than not. To check if there is a…

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How This Small Change Of Mindset Will Smash Your Sales Targets

businessman with 2 cases

I was talking to a sales manager recently, who was concerned about one of his salespeople. This person was suffering from a negative mind-set, where if he didn’t sell or at least get the appointments he wanted, he felt very demoralised and actually called himself a failure. This happens regularly, where a person’s self-esteem and self-worth are linked to their…

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The One Small Mindset Change That Rockets Sales Success…

the same old thinking and same old results

I’ve always admired Jim Rohn. His insights into the deep philosophies of life always touch a nerve and his laid-back delivery is one that I admire. His untimely death has left a big gap in the motivational speaker’s circuit, but you can always catch his great talks on YouTube, or similar. One of his great quotes that resonates with me…

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