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3 Ways To Overcome Your Fears Before The Sales Meeting

Shocked Business Woman

Do you sometimes find it strange that a sportsperson or experienced actor would admit to feeling nervous before a big performance or game? Surely their knowledge and familiarity with what they have to do would allay any fears they might have? Well, it shows we are all human. No matter how many times you may have performed, even at the…

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4 Ways To Prevent Post Sales Training Stagnation

Dry Grass

Most good sales managers recognise the need to develop their sales teams and these managers often see the rewards that come from training their staff to build skills and attitudes. Oftentimes, though, the changes and improvements are short-lived and the return to the ambient levels of performance shows that the investment hasn’t been as worthwhile as originally thought. How can…

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Powerful Advice For The New Sales Person

You can always find a multitude of tips and tricks for sales people. Sales techniques, closing strategies and prospecting avenues abound. However, I have found that usually these pillars of advice pertain to the sales person who has been with their company, at least for some length of time. I am also guilty of this, in that most of my…

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How To Practice Your Sales Presentation

Practice, practice, practice because practice makes perfect! While that age-old sentiment is nice, it is not true. Practice does not make perfect. Only Perfect practice makes perfect. I ask sales people if they routinely practice their presentation and often I get the response, “Oh, I have been doing this for years. I got it.” Or, “I’ve done this presentation so…

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How Much Time Do You Invest In Your Profession?

Businessman holding a pocket watch

Everyone in the business of selling wants to be the best in their field, earn a high-level income and have a rewarding career.  However, most sales people do not take the steps necessary to achieve their career goals.  Here is a tough question to ask yourself to determine if you are a true sales professional capable of making it to…

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How To Make Sure Your Sales Training Is Effective

Coaching and training word cloud

Our open sales training courses are always full and we are kept busy following up on the coaching we offer to sales people after they have returned to their businesses and started putting the ideas discussed into operation. We’re often asked what they can do to make the training as effective as possible, so they don’t go away thinking they’ve…

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Everyone Wants To Get Laid, Get Paid Or Live Forever!

Well not exactly, but my point is that whenever you sell anything you need to think about the motivations of your buyer. You need to think about what they want and need and what’s in it for them – PERSONALLY. As well as what’s in it for the company when they purchase your product or service, you also need to…

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How To Become A Trusted Advisor

If you want to really max out your sales then you need to approach your selling as though you’re a trusted advisor. This goes far beyond the call of duty of a “typical sales person”. Instead, you want to position yourself as an expert in your field, the “GO TO” person for whatever you sell. And it goes far beyond…

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How To Open Your Cold Calls – "How Are You?"

  How To Open Your Cold Calls “How Are You, Today?” Some people believe that it is rude, even dishonest to ask this simple question, this simple pleasantry, at the beginning of a telephone sales call.  When cold calling, the rumour is that to ask the prospect, “How are you, today?”  or “How are you doing?”  is in some way…

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