specific sales presentations

A Quick And Powerful Response To: “Tell Me About Your Company?”

Let me give you a rather quick, short and sweet answer to a common question. However, in the answer, I want you to really understand the concept; the idea that I am trying to make. Understand this and you will help solve more problems and close more sales as you answer this all too popular question. Tell Me About Your…

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Steps To Make Your Presentations Come Alive

Businessman delivering a presentation

When you have found out precisely what the client is wanting in terms of solutions to their problems, you have earned the right to present those solutions. And much of what you say comes down to demonstrating the viability of your product to serve the needs of the client. So many presentations I have seen fall short of what I…

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Make Your Product Presentation Match The Buyer’s Needs

Clients bored during presentation

Let’s face it, when it comes to product demonstrations, many salespeople fall into the trap of carrying out a ‘one-size-fits-all’ presentation, with a prepared verbal monologue of what makes their product the best on the market. What can you do to put together a demonstration of the product that makes a real difference? Here are some ideas: 1) Remember: A…

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Tailor Your Presentations For Specific Customers

Presentation with clients

So you’ve found out what the client wants and listened to their many needs. You’ve asked the right questions and got to the main areas of concern. Now you’re ready to present the solutions and convince the prospect you have the answer to his problems. Great! Then how come your presentation sucks? How come the prospect who was champing at…

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