talk less when selling

3 Times When You Absolutely, Positively Need To SHUT UP!

Let’s not even debate the point. It’s a fact that most sales people just talk way to darn much! In particularly, when the pressure is on and the sale hangs in the balance, suddenly a near involuntary muscle spasm ensues and takes control over the sales person’s mouth. While in general, you need to learn to listen far more than you…

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4 Ways To Oversell Yourself Right Out Of The Sale!

Can you oversell your product or service? Is it possible to oversell to the point where you actually lose the sale, causing the buyer to change his or her mind? In a word, YES! Here are four common ways that you can actually lose a sale after it’s done and dusted! #1. Continue to push benefits after a buying decision The…

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Learn How To Keep Things Short

Senior And Young Female Colleagues Discuss Online Project

Today, everyone is strapped for time. The job and family demands placed upon our prospects and clients are greater now than at anytime in history. So the last thing that they need is a sales person coming and talking their head off! Today, “less” is very much “more” when it comes to your sales interactions and my guess is that…

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Just Shut Up More Often When You Sell Sean!

I’ve just come back from a 4 hour round trip on the motorway where I’ve just secured 10 days worth of in-house sales training but having so much time to think in the car makes you mull over how well you did during the sales interaction! You know, no matter whether you get to secure the deal or not you…

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