Telephone prospecting

How Should You Pay Your Telesales Staff To Set Appointments?

More and more companies are electing to employ their own in-house telesales staff to set appointments for the field sales teams.  The question that arises though is how do you compensate this inside sales team? I can tell you that the most obvious answer is usually the worst one. How you structure the compensation of the telesales force is critical….

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One Thing To NEVER Do When Following Up On Literature

Presentation in office

You finally reach the decision maker (DM) after a lot of work and getting past a few tough gatekeeper screens. With great skill, you established some rapport and interest and the prospect apparently is looking forward to receiving your literature. Everything is going exactly as written in your sales process. However, when you call back to set the appointment, the…

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The 3 Most Costly Prospecting Mistakes


Below are three clear and simple mistakes that sales people routinely make while prospecting. Prospecting mistakes are the most costly problems because most sales people and sales management never actually realise the full affect of prospecting errors. What You Can Not See CAN Hurt YOU The problem is that it is much easier to see and understand others selling issues…

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How To Pay Your Telesales Team To SELL Appointments

View Of Staff In Busy Customer Service Department

Here are some of the major problems that arise when you choose to compensate telesales representatives (TSRs) with commissions on closed sales. Problems When Paying TSRs on Closed Sales The TSR begins to look for sales rather than just set good appointments. The TSR looks for the easy lay down sale and fails to set appointments with otherwise good qualified…

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How to Compensate A Telesales Staff To Set Appointments

View Of Man Working In Busy Customer Service Department

With competition becoming fiercer, the economy sending fuel prices through the roof and buyers becoming more reluctant to telephone sales calls, more firms are choosing to employ their own in-house telesales staff to set appointments for the field sales teams.  The immediate question that arises is what and how do you pay this inside sales force? Commission on the Sale…

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Today’s Warm Call Is The New Cold Call

You may have heard people say things like, “Today’s 50 is the new 40…,”  in that someone 50 years old today, due to a more active and healthy lifestyle, is more considered a person of only 40 years of age now, as compared to a few decades ago.    Well, today’s 50 may be the new 40, and 40 may be…

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3 Of The Best Cold Calling Tips Ever

Cold calling has always presented a ton of challenges for sales people, and with today’s modern and more enlightened buyer, those challenges have multiplied.  Along with those obstacles, the amount of cold calling advice that floods the industry has grown has well. In the recent post, “The 3 Worst Cold Calling Tips Ever,” I highlighted the three worst cold calling…

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Handling the No Name Policy When Cold Calling: Part III – When You Have No Info

Making a phone call

If you have missed Parts I and II of this series, it is a good idea to check them out now—it’s good stuff!  Continuing though, when calling that company when you have no name and the gatekeeper (GK) refuses to give you a name or connect you without one.  Here are a few ways to handle the situation. Two Important…

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Handling the No Name Policy When Cold Calling: Part II – What to Do with A Name

Person making a phonecall

In Part I, I explained a few ways to find the name of someone in your prospective company.  Now, let us see how you can use that name to reach your decision maker (DM).  If you were unable to find the name of someone in the company, don’t worry.  In Part III, I will give you a few tips to…

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How to Eliminate Phone Phobia

Businessman dialling a phone

The first part of this article, “Do you suffer from Phone Phobia,” explained how phone phobia is much more than the simple fear of making calls.  It has to do with the misplaced high-level of importance sales people place on the value of the call.  To eliminate phone phobia, you must determine and understand the true value of a single…

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