the modern day cold call

How To Knock On The Telephone

Every sales person knows that today’s modern buyer has had enough of the old smile-and-dial cold calling methods of the past. However, as mentioned in, “4 Reasons Why Prospects Fear Cold Calls,” most buyers still seem to harbour fear and animosity toward receiving a telephone solicitation call. Many feel a cold call… #1. Is an invasion of their privacy #2. Is a violation…

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4 Reasons Why Prospects Fear Cold Calls

We have heard for years about how much today’s consumer detests receiving the dreaded cold-call. We all know that cold calling has become increasingly difficult and the modern-day buyer has become more evasive, defensive, suspicious and even hostile towards getting a telephone solicitation call. As a result, there are tons of training and tips on how to handle such obstacles…

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5 Tips For Handling Today’s NEW Cold Call

In the recent post, “Today’s Warm Call is the New Cold Call,” I uncovered the fact that with today’s modern prospecting avenues, sales people are often able to establish some contact with a prospective customer before making a telephone call.  In that sense, the traditional cold call is becoming a thing of the past. However, I also pointed out that…

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