understanding buyers

5 Questions To Ask To Really Understand Your Buyer

Businessman with know your customer note

One of the keys to increasing sales is getting under the skin of the prospect or your customer, so ascertain the real needs and to get them to understand how they can improve their business using your solutions. Without that depth of knowledge, you sound just like any other vendor, trying to persuade your prospect to buy from you rather…

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4 Reasons Why Prospects Fear Cold Calls

We have heard for years about how much today’s consumer detests receiving the dreaded cold-call. We all know that cold calling has become increasingly difficult and the modern-day buyer has become more evasive, defensive, suspicious and even hostile towards getting a telephone solicitation call. As a result, there are tons of training and tips on how to handle such obstacles…

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(Video) Why The Modern Day Buyer Has Changed By Sean McPheat

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Here’s a short video that I put together about why the modern day buyer has changed. You know what? They’ll take the shirt off your back if you’ll let them! Press play below… Let me know what you think by making a comment below Heppy selling! Sean Sean McPheat Sean McPheat The UK’s #1 Authority On Modern Day Selling MTD…

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