Water Cooler

NO Sale? Thank You Very Much!

For a quick break from the norm, here is another one of those witty water cooler stories I thought you might find amusing. As always, what follows is just a  story I heard from a sales person, who will remain nameless. Also as before, I do not sanction, verify, agree, or approve of the follow scenario, nor am I suggesting that…

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Standing Ovations, Autographs and Lookalikes…All In A Day’s Work

Manager with team behind

Hi, this is Louise Denny and I work in the Communications and Marketing team here at MTD Sales Training. That’s me, right there! From time to time I’ll be reporting on any news from the “MTD Water Cooler” that may be of interest to you or any events that are happening here at MTD. We’ll start with last Thursday (8th…

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