The 10 Questions That Will Uncover All Prospect Problems

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Salesperson holding question markWe often talk about how to present solutions and results-oriented discussions with prospects for when they need to know how we can help them.

Naturally, there are many ways to get the prospect aware of how our services can improve their business.

But how about when the prospect doesn’t feel the need for change at the moment?

What if they think the current situation they are in is adequate and doesn’t need improving?

How about if they are comfortable or satisfied with the status quo?

This is sometimes a dilemma for some salespeople, and often they will just say thank you and move on to find someone else who is aware of the problems they have.

In reality, every prospect should have a need, even if it’s just the need to keep up with the changes that are happening in their industry.

But what if they can’t recognise that?

Here are some power questions that will aid you to develop a different belief system in your prospect, or at the very least, get them to pause and think for a moment about the opportunities that might exist for them.

Firstly, preface any question or statement with something like:

“I appreciate that things are going well for you at the moment; however, may I ask you….”

and then proceed with….

Have any of your customers or clients recently asked you for more efficiencies or developments of your products or services?

Do you see any changes looming on the horizon that might mean you have to change as well?

How do you keep up with the advancements your competitors are making?

Do you see any opportunities for growth and advancement in the near future that will mean changes for your department or your organisation?

I read recently about some of the technological advancements coming about in your industry. Do you think they will have an impact on the way you conduct business in the future?

Some of my clients have been telling me about how they reckon the changes in the economy will force them to re-invest in better skills and technology. How do you see that yourself?

How do you see your company advancing in the future to keep up with changing demands from customers?

What future plans do you have for the development and improvement of your services to your prospects?

One thing I’m talking to my clients about at the moment is how their business strategies are going to change over the next two or three years. What changes do you see happening that may affect the way you run your business?

What plans do you have for developing and improving your products and services over the next couple of years?

Remember, your prospect will remain comfortable and not want to change unless one (or both) of these things occur:

  • They associate some kind of pain or discomfort with their current situation, or
  • They see some better opportunity in the future than what they are currently experiencing

The 10 powerful questions and statements above will help you uncover what might be a potential problem or future opportunity for the prospect.

Try the appropriate one at the right time and see if it causes them to stop and consider if everything really is as perfect as they imagine at the moment.

I’ve got hundreds more Sales Questions that you can use that cover all different scenarios. I hope they help you out.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 11 July, 2018

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