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Man Hand Writing Passion Plus Hard work is successI’ve just finished listening to another Tony Robbins CD.

He’s someone who I’ve always admired, not only because of his knowledge and awareness of what makes us do what we do (although he’s up there with the rest of the top coaches in those areas) but also because of the way he makes me feel after listening to him. 

He always finishes his CDs with the same three words, and they make me look at myself every day to check in with my state. 

Those three words are ‘Live with passion!’

Passion actually can cover a multitude of sins.

You may lack product knowledge or experience, but passion can often make up for that through the state of mind it produces. 

Passion differs from enthusiasm.

Have you heard people say, ‘Act enthusiastically and you will become enthusiastic’?

Actually, I don’t agree with that statement.

It’s OK to be enthusiastic when things are going great, but what about when everything around you is falling apart?

Do you feel enthusiastic about your problems, your challenges, your frustrations?

I very much doubt it!

Passion is different in that it’s a way of thinking that’s woven into your very being.

It’s who and what you stand for, what you believe in, and how you feel. 

Who do you know who is passionate about their work?

You can see it in their eyes, hear it in everything they say, sense it in everything they do.

When things go wrong, you don’t see them getting down; they see what can be done about it.

Robbins uses the analogy of going into your garden with your eyes shut and saying ‘There’s no weeds, there no weeds, there’s no weeds!’

That ‘positive thinking’ outlook won’t help you achieve anything.

The weeds will just take over.

Instead, Robbins encourages you to open your eyes, see the situation for what it is, pull the weeds out, take the action that’s required and get on with it.

I reckon over 90% of the population live to the old mantra ‘Same stuff, different day’.

Instead, we need to live to the new mantra ‘ Different day, different opportunities.

This doesn’t mean you live in a PollyAnna state of mind, ignoring every challenge, becoming centered.

It means that you approach every situation with an attitude of ‘what can I do about this to make it great?’

It’s a different approach but it taps into the potential we all have to continuously improve ourselves and identify the direction we need to go to get the results we are seeking. 

Passion doesn’t hide the challenges we are up against. It helps us deal with them and makes us feel differently about them.

The challenge is still there…we just see them from a different perspective.

Check in with your level of passion that you have for you job, your company, your products and your career.

If it’s lacking in any way, decide what must happen to build it and, as Robbins suggests, ‘Live every day with passion!’

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 8 June, 2016

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