The 4 Essentials For All Sales People Before That First Call Of The Day

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man call by phoneYour sales manager will tell you many times that you need to make all your calls and get as many appointments as possible.

You need to build your numbers and create more opportunities; talk to more people and follow-up your calls.

You don’t really need to be told all this.

You’re professional enough to know your routine; you just need to set yourself up for the day, and that starts before you make your first call of the day.

Whether it’s that first phone call, email or face-to-face visit, your preparation and planning beforehand can make all the difference to the results you achieve.

So, what can you do to make this first call of the day more effective? How can you raise your chances of making a great start to the day?

Here are some ideas:

Whatever time you were going to get up, set your alarm 20 minutes earlier.

Don’t just lie there trying to wake yourself. Get up out of bed and do some motivational stuff. This might entail looking up the latest links and articles on Linkedin Pulse, downloading and reading the latest industry news or simply meditating on what the day will bring. The point here is to use the time to get yourself motivated before you have a shower and start breakfast. It’s time to get your mindset right, so don’t waste it.

Have breakfast!

It’s best not to skip this important meal, as most researchers tell us that you release energy slowly during the morning when you have a quality meal. Without it, depending on your metabolism, your thought energy may be lacking and you may miss an opportunity. Of course, you could catch up with some of the ideas from the first point while you eat your breakfast. If you do have breakfast, take your time, as rushing will only cause your digestion to cause you problems later on.

During travel, think through the results you are seeking

If you’re driving to the office or the appointment, give yourself some time to think of the end results you are expecting from the call. Then you can start working back and identify one or two ways you could deal with objections or negotiate effectively.

Remember, you will have planned and prepared this call long before today, so this is the time to revisit your ideas and build up your confidence

Five minutes before the call, get the mindset right.

You’ve arrived early in the car-park, or you have five minutes spare before picking up the phone, use them wisely. Review the previous meeting notes, become re-acquainted with the personnel you’re calling, revisit your goals and now become positive for your opening. It may benefit you to actually script your first couple of sentences, but do not become stilted.

The whole purpose of this is to get yourself fully prepared for the interaction with the prospect and make them feel they are making the right decision to speak or work with you. If you’re able to do all these then you’re in a confident position and it will show in your demeanour.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 28 October, 2015

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