The Best Way To Generate New Leads

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Lead generation brainstorm plansA salesperson on one of our workshops was bemoaning the fact that he had to make between 100 and 150 cold calls a week.

He wanted our opinion on how to get more leads without having to cold call.

It was a Telesales Training course and the facilitator was very diplomatic and said that, even though cold calling wasn’t the most efficient use of a salesperson’s time, you have to sometimes get hold of prospects some way or other, or your pipeline will be as empty as it possibly could be.

What’s the best way to generate leads, then?

Well, in these days of interconnectivity, technology and globalisation, it’s the ability to be found and to be valuable when people have found you.

Notice there are two components to that statement: To be found, and to be valuable.

First, to be found.

This means you have to be visible.

Google yourself and your company now.

Put your name and your company in a search engine.

Read on when you’ve done it.

If you’re like most people, you will have found there are hundreds or thousands of entries and within the top three is LinkedIn (but only if you have an account; if you haven’t, shame on you!).

People searching for your products, your services or even you will then have the chance to find out all about you.

You need to be found, yes; but you also need to show up as someone who is valuable to the prospect when they have found you.

My trainer suggested to the salesperson on that workshop that he become proficient as an author, writing articles that go on his own and his company’s LinkedIn profile, blogs that go on blog sites and develop podcasts that show he knows what he’s talking about.

Does this take time and effort? Of course.

But the rewards far outweigh the work put in.

Tell me; who would you rather deal with?

A person you’ve never heard of, from a company that you’ve never dealt with?

Or a person who has proved through their articles, blogs, newsletters, white-papers and others, that they know what they are talking about, have the experience to be an asset to you, have gotten results through their expertise and proficiency, and have been reviewed by successful companies for providing great results?

You don’t have to write them all yourself.

Your company will have technical experts who will help you design the right material with the right detail.

You just need to put it together in a way that is customer-centric.

Your marketing department can help you develop articles that will be relevant and applicable to the current market.

When you’ve created a portfolio of valuable information, place them where people look.

LinkedIn groups would be a fine place to start.

Get yourself known by hundreds and thousands of people in the industry you work in.

Then, start sending useful and up-to-date material to people you know will find it valuable.

So, our opinion is that to create a presence in your market-place, you need to be visible first and valuable next.

This will support your marketing campaigns because you prove yourself to be someone who is working to help customers with their business, rather than just a salesperson of products and services.

Happy selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 10 August, 2018

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