The First Thing You Say Creates Barriers Or An Open Mind

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Smiling Aged Businesswoman In Glasses Looking At Colleague At TeLet’s assume that you’re meeting with a prospect for the first time…

Now do you know exactly what you’re going to say to open the conversation?

You see, what you say and how you say it will either make the prospect want to open up and tell all or they will feel that they need to keep things close to their chest.

Your prospect will want a non threatening environment and above all they want to know:

•Who are you?

•What do you want?

•Why are you here?

•Who do you represent?

•What’s in it for me?

•What can I expect from today’s meeting?

If you can open up your conversation by giving a brief overview to each of those questions then you will not go far wrong and you will condition the mind of your prospect and put them at ease.

It’s those meetings where your prospects do not know what’s coming next that makes them clam up because they are just “waiting for the time that you start to close”

So you could use something like this:

“Thanks for seeing me about your sales teams’ training requirements Jo. As I mentioned on the phone I’m the MD of MTD Sales Training and we specialise in the areas and topics that you covered in the briefing document that you sent me and we’ve helped hundreds of similar companies increase their sales by 30%+. What I’d like to do today, if it’s ok by you, is that I’d like to get to understand your requirements in greater depth so I can go away and put together a draft proposal of what the training programme could look like. Does that sound okay to you?”

From this initial statement the prospect knows what to expect from the meeting and knows there will be no “hard sell”.

Adapt it to your selling situation and watch how much more productive your sessions are.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Sales DNA

Originally published: 24 June, 2009

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