The One-Word Question That Gets The Customer Talking

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Question Mark And ThinkerYou know it’s true that the more information you get the customer to tell you, the more knowledge and background you get to assist in developing their business in the future.

It’s also true that sometimes the customer may simply shut up and make it very difficult for you to get them to expand on a point.

There’s an interesting communication technique that you can use to encourage your customer to be more specific and expensive in his answers, giving you the chance to find out a lot more information. And the technique involves asking a one-word question.

Use this when your customer says something you don’t quite understand, makes a point that needs clarification, or is too general in their ideas.

Put your head to one side slightly, raise your eyebrows, maintain full eye contact and just say, in a very inquisitive tone…”Oh?”

That’s all you need to do. No expansion needed. No further utterances required.

That one simple word, said in an inquisitive tone, will open up the customer to expand on what they were saying, often going further than they would have done if you had asked a specific question that narrowed down the thought-process.

Everyone knows what you want when you ask that one-word question. Use it once, or at the most, twice in a conversation, and see the amount of information you gain multiply.

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Originally published: 17 December, 2010