The Priory Ramsay Nightmare

Written by Sean McPheat | Linkedin thumb

Marketing written on a chalkboardIt was another cracker of a Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmare last night.

This time it was the turn of The Priory in Haywards Heath – West Sussex.

From a boring and very plastic carvery, The Priory re-invented itself into a Grill to reposition itself to a new and more affluent market.

After Ramsay left, the orders went down and when he revisited them, whilst the food might have been great, they were not getting the footfall that they needed.

Here’s a lesson:

Having a good product is not good enough nowadays. “Build it and they will come” is a load of rubbish!

If you want to have a successful shop or store, you need to market and sell your wares to the public. Get out there and drum up business.

Don’t rely everything on word of mouth marketing, you need to be proactive and bring the business in. Even when you are chockablock full, keep marketing!

Sean Mc

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Originally published: 28 November, 2007