There’s No Trust Anymore

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Caution businessman handshakeWednesday of this week I came out with a kool idea for a postcard marketing campaign and we needed to move fast…

Our designers got the postcards designed within hours and we called up our suppliers who we’ve been with for 4 years to see if they could print them quickly ready for Monday – “No problem they respond with”

I just got a call form them saying that all 16,000 of the cards are printed and ready to be dispatched.

Great job I say. Then they say “We need payment in full before we send them to you”

“But I need them for Monday as agreed” I said

“No payment, no cards” they replied with

Now, my accounts team are actually on an away day today. I’ve bit the bullet and paid for them to go rock climbing and all that stuff! So we can’t make any payments until Monday.

“I’ve been a customer of yours for 4 years and spent thousands with you” I said. “Can’t you just send them and we’ll pay you on Monday when they are back in”

“No” and then came those lovely 3 words that goes against everything I believe in:

“It’s company policy”

So was it company policy 2 years ago when they cocked up big time but I gave them a second chance? Was it company policy when they couldn’t grasp a design due to a new member of staff starting on our designs and there was a 2 week delay in the output?

I hate that term. Sure, there have to be rules and I appreciate that but whatever happended to trust?

I’ve paid them thousands over the years and now I will most likely move the MTD account. You see it’s MTD’s company policy to work with like minded suppliers!

So what are the lessons about my Friday rant?

Trust can go a long way to help you to cement building relationships. Why? Well, because there is none out there that’s why!

Trust means a lot to me and it means a lot to your clients too. They’ll love you for it if you can demonstrate it.

You need to pick who to trust though. The way that I was treated was as though I was going to do a runner!

Well, after I receive this lot of postcards I am….straight to one of their competitors!

Okay, rant over.

Just make it easy for your customers to so business with you!

Sean (I’m getting off my soap box) McPheat

Managing Director

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Originally published: 25 July, 2008