To Improve Your Sales, Connect With Your Prospect’s Emotions

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Prospect's EmotionsI was at Geneva Airport recently, after having delivered an Essential Communication Skills course, and mulling over the key points of the programme.

I wandered into the technology store just to kill time. Then my eyes lit up when I saw the new Apple IPad. I’ve read loads about it, and can’t wait to try it out when it comes out in the UK. The assistant must have seen my reaction, because he immediately approached and said “It looks good, doesn’t it?”

My reaction was to say yes, and he started to create an emotional connection between me and this inanimate object. I felt attracted to it by how he was asking questions about how I would use it, what impact I wanted to make with it and asking about how impressed I was with it. I even thought about how I could use some of his words on our communications courses!

It set me thinking about how we as salespeople relate our products and services to our customers.

Often, we only relate to the left-side of our customer’s brain by specifying the logical reasons why they should buy. By connecting the emotional side of the brain to our product, we open up many more reasons why they should be interested.

Start thinking about how you can connect emotions to your product and services.

Ask yourself: “What impact would my product have on my prospect’s business, not just on profitability and productivity, but on other aspects like giving them more security in their role, or making their colleagues more receptive to their ideas.”

“How would my services make my prospect look good?

What impact could they make on their business by using my services?”

These kind of questions bond prospects to you on an emotional level, and they start associating you with good feelings, hence making it easier to justify a positive decision in their minds.

Did I buy the IPad? No, but I will definitely be taking a look when it comes out in the UK! And I will thank that salesperson for making me feel so good about the product!

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 30 April, 2010

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