Use These 8 Basic Strategies To Jump Start Your Sales

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Businessman Jumping From SprinSo, you could do with making some more sales and need a jump-start – but where do you start?

Well, I would recommend that you optimise what you are currently doing by taking a look at the following:

Number 1

If you are making calls to arrange appointments analyse your scripts and put yourself in the position of the prospect and ask yourself “If this person rang me up, what would I think?”

You will see your calls from a different perspective and this will allow you to tailor and modify your calling scripts to make them better.

Number 2

Get more calls returned to you.

Sales is a contact sport and by improving the number of returned calls, will automatically improve your numbers.

Therefore, review the messages you leave on answerphones and make some compelling messages so that the prospect cannot help but to call back.

Number 3

View yourself as a problem solver instead of salesperson.

Go into your next couple of presentations and meetings with that mindset and get rid of the sales pressure you are putting yourself under.

Number 4

Get some one-on-one coaching with your sales manager, mentor or use MTD!

Ask them to look over what you are currently doing, ask them to go out on visits with you to observe or listen in to calls – they might be able to pick up on some vital activities that could be improved.

Number 5

Dust down your current sales presentation and make yourself produce half as many slides.

Cut down on 50% of the presentation.

When words are at a premium you will make everyone single one count believe me!

Number 6

Take a break.

It may sound obvious but it may be just the tonic that you need – or it might be a beer that you need!

Number 7

Look at your follow up strategies with your prospects.

Are you too eager because your figures are down?

Are you pestering them too much?

Sometimes less is more when it comes to this.

Number 8

Go to your companies best salesperson and take them out to lunch.

Model best practise from someone who is getting the results that you desire, ask them what they do and how they do it, what their mindset is, what they cover with the prospect, their frequency of follow up and so on.

Ask them to provide the learning and you’ll pay for the lunch.

But make sure it is better than McDonalds okay?

Sometimes you can get too close to what you are doing but you tell yourself that you cannot take the time out to review what you are doing because this is time that could be best spent selling!

This then becomes a vicious circle and diminishing returns set in.

Instead, I recommend that you do invest some time in this activity because even if you just improve by 5% over those 8 areas, compounded it will make a big difference to your sales figures.

Happy Selling!


Sean McPheat

Sean McPheat
Managing Director

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Originally published: 5 April, 2017

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